Word of Mouth Referrals… Does it Really Work?

wordofmouthWe all talk about advertising, right. However, what is the best advertising for you and your business? Is it social media, blogging, Pinterest, LinkedIn, flyers posted around your neighborhood, posters on the windows of local businesses…? The list goes on and on, but what truly works for you? A tried and true method that has been around since before the printing press and certainly before the days of the internet and social media… It’s called Word of Mouth!

I was recently at a networking event and stood up to announce my business and myself and before the event was over, I had a new client.  There was no advertising involved! I simply talked about my business.

explosionWhen you are engaged in a conversation with someone, simply talk about what you do. You never know where it may lead. You may be able to help them; they may be able to help you. The power of conversation is remarkable!

I might say, during the course of a casual conversation…

“I want to work with small business owners who are struggling to keep their heads above water.”

A response might be…

“How would you make that happen?” or “I know a small business owner who needs your help…”

Then phone numbers are exchanged and an introduction is made and perhaps a new client is made!

In the middle of a casual conversation, you can check something off your marketing checklist by simply asking for a referral. It may not go anywhere, but then again, perhaps it will.

talkingThe key to Word of Mouth marketing is recognizing opportunities and simply starting the conversation. There is no agenda to fulfill and there is no guarantee of the outcome, the simple fact is to bring up your business during casual conversation and see where it leads.

Therefore, here is my request to you.  Ask for a referral right here on my blog. Look for what other people have requested and perhaps you can help! Perhaps they can help you! In the perfect world you would both get the help you are requesting and we can all work together to help small businesses succeed!

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