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As you all know…

I have recently had a book published!!

I love to read and have enjoyed reading my whole life. As a child, I was a military brat and lived all over the world. Most places did not have television, or least not American television, and because I am an only child, and there were no electronic devices in those days, I read…

I’m sure that my love of reading is what allowed me to develop some great adventures in my head! This story was created as a bedtime story for my own children when they were small.

This is the first book of many Sammi Jo adventures. It tells you a little about Sammi Jo’s life and how she came to meet her mysterious new friend. Subsequent books will “dive” into many more great adventures that you can explore with Sammi Jo and Screech! Be the “first kid on your block” to own a signed copy of the first book in the the “soon to be” series of undersea adventures!


Have you ever needed a new friend?

Sammi Jo desperately needs a new friend as she heads to the shore with her parents for the summer. She is an only child and plans on spending a very lonely summer at their cottage while her parents work on their latest books. Much to her surprise, she meets a new friend in a most unusual place! Sammi Jo gets to explore the sea with her new friend, Screech, as her guide. Dive into adventure with Sammi Jo as you learn about her life and how she meets her unique new friend.

20% Pre-Order Discount through March 31, 2014

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10% of all proceeds go to the Fisher House in honor of American veterans!

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20% Pre-order discount

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