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If you don’t have an assistant, you are one!

Or as quoted by a client

“Looked like I was in two places at once today due to A Virtual World!!!”

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About Me and why I chose to start my own business!

I have chosen to start a home based business because I love my home and my family and hate to have to make the decision of whether or not I am able to watch my grandchildren, go to a special event at school, or go to work. I am married, have three adult children, two amazing grandchildren and a white boxer named Jack, who keeps me company on a daily basis!

After many years of working for others and having to arrange my life around my work hours, I made the decision to work from home. I have never enjoyed working so much in my life! I am able to attend to my family, my house and still get my work done. I can work at 5:00 a.m. or midnight… as long as the work gets done. My commute is all the way up the stairs to my office, so snowstorms are not generally a problem!!

If you don’t have an assistant, you are one!

What does that mean to you? Basically it means that if you are wasting your valuable time doing things that an assistant could be doing for you, you need a virtual assistant! What is a virtual assistant you ask? Well, let me tell you…

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services



We work with our clients as opposed to for them. Our clients need someone to dream with them and then make it happen. Our clients need someone that is committed to being a partner in their success!

A Virtual World is designed to respond to the unique needs of entrepreneurs and small business owners. We want to free up your time so that you can work on the money making part of your business and not the administrative side. With all the time that we can free up for you, you will have more time to concentrate on the bread and butter of your business and perhaps even take a vacation, go to your child’s school play, or take off early for a three day weekend. We have recently begun the transition to a “team” environment.

What does this mean for you?

I have a team of like-minded virtual assistants that can assist you in a multitude of areas:

  • Author Assistance
  • Research
  • Social Media
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Transcription
  • And MUCH more …

If you can dream it, we can make it happen!

What does your business need help with right now to allow you to thrive and grow and increase your bottom line?

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Dede is also a published children’s book author with two books currently in print in the ‘Sammi Jo’ adventure series. Book number three is currently in production and should be available soon! Please click HERE to read more about Sammi Jo’s fun and exciting adventures!